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REAP Partners
REAP has a wide network of Higher Education Institution (HEI), Funding and Recruitment partners who assist us in providing the best possible support to our students.

Higher Education Institution (HEI) Partners

National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS)

REAP is in partnership with the National Student Financial Aid Scheme. NSFAS utilises National Skills Fund resources to allocate full cost bursaries to all REAP students. In this way marginalised students from far flung rural areas are provided an opportunity to study at university.

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Funding Partners

J.P. Morgan supports an exciting new employability project

REAP is excited to announce renewed partnership with JP Morgan Chase Foundation focused around the theme of employability. In addition to facilitating access to higher education for rural youth from low income families by providing full cost bursaries and then offering structured mentoring, psychosocial support and academic monitoring, REAP seeks to ensure that our graduates, both from universities and technical universities, find and retain employment appropriate to their skills and training. J.P. Morgan’s generous financial support will allow us to pursue four key initiatives:
• Detailed research seeking to investigate how REAP graduates over the years have fared in the workplace - tracking their challenges and successes and identifying what could have been done to prepare them better;
• Development of a structured curriculum which will equip REAP students
with the soft and hard skills necessary to both secure and retain a job;
• Development of a nationwide network of employer relationships
with a view to facilitating vacation and graduate placements for REAP students;
• Consolidation of the REAP Alumni Association into a robust and vibrant
network. The project will make use of both REAP staff and skilled external
consultants and conclude in April 2017.

Meet Nonkqubela Malisa
Director of Corporate & Government Affairs, Volkswagen South Africa (VWSA)

Having operated its own bursary scheme for some years, In 2014 VWSA entered into formal partnership with REAP. Nonkqubela is delighted with this new collaboration, believing that REAP brings ‘much needed expertise, passion, experience and provides a holistic support service to its students.  

The partnership with REAP adds considerable value to VWSA’s bursary spend, leveraging NSFAS funds to be able to offer students much more generous financial support, and giving us as VWSA much more bang for our buck.’ VWSA is co-funding with REAP the support of 10 students, all hailing from the Eastern
Cape (VWSA’s main plant is in Uitenhage), enrolled in science and engineering
related disciplines.

New partnerships

REAP is delighted to announce new funding partnerships with Porticus, Solon Foundation and South Point. Porticus are a European donor with a special interest in Catholic education and life skills training.

Solon Foundation are a Swiss donor but with a strong focus on bridging the gap between school and university for students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

South Point are a long term service provider of student accommodation to REAP students unable to secure places in university residence.

Meet David Harrison
Chief Executive Officer - The DG Murray Trust

REAP's greatest strength lies in its understanding that school marks are not the best predictor of academic achievement at tertiary level.  What really counts is whether students feel supported and included, and can find ways to deal with their family circumstances back home. 

REAP's model of psychosocial support to students who receive its bursaries has been shown to work. This is a great opportunity for a new type of social contract between Government and civil society, where State financing of tertiary education is backed up by continuing student interaction and support by organisations such as REAP.  It's the experience of the DG Murray Trust that REAP is an extremely good custodian of funds, efficient in operation and able
to target young people with great potential, in greatest need.


Recruitment Partners

Meet Aubrey Chabedi
Regional Recruitment Representative in Klerksdorp

Aubrey Chabedi is one REAP's long-standing recruitment volunteers. The late Father Louis Van den Broeck introduced Aubrey to REAP in 2001 and he has been assisting us ever since.

Aubrey works in the Diocese of Klerksdorp where the main towns are Klerksdorp, Potchefstroom, Fochville, Ventersdorp, Orkney, Lichtenburg, Coligny, Hartebeesfontein, Delareyville, Wolmaransstad, Leeudoringstad, Makwassie, Bloemhof and Schweizer Reneke. He helps us identify candidates from poor rural areas, who meet the necessary academic
requirements, but are financially unable to
access tertiary education.

He walks a road with them by providing career guidance as well as assistance
with the various application processes required to obtain either a full-cost
bursary or a subsidised loan.

When asked what inspires him to assist REAP in this way, Aubrey responds:
"I come from a very poor family. The first help of R500 that I received in order
to be able to register for my BSc degree at Fort Hare University was from the
Educational Assistance Scheme. This was just to give me access to tertiary
education, almost like what REAP is doing. All I had to do was focus and
pass with good marks in order to attract bursaries. From my second year
onwards, bursaries just came flowing in and I was able to stop my mother
from having to send me pocket money. Instead, I was maintaining her from
university because she was retrenched while I was studying. I, in a way,
managed to break poverty in my family. I always relate my story to the
learners whom I recruit for REAP and this serves as an inspiration and
motivation to them as well. I enjoy seeing people succeed and I feel very
proud and fulfilled when I meet them later in life."

Aubrey has seen lives change as a result of the support they get from REAP.
"You educate one child in the family, you educate the whole family, especially
if the first one to achieve is able to help others. I have personally experienced
this and I see it happening to the families of the children that REAP is helping."

REAP would like to thank Aubrey for ploughing back into the community and
for being a faithful and reliable recruiter.