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We believe that regular assessment of the impact of our work is vitally important. Therefore REAP conducts regular reviews and research. As part of our 10-Year Anniversary Celebrations, we recently conducted a tracking study of our 2002 cohort of students, to see how they are doing ten years on. Click here to download our latest report.

Annual Report

2017 REAP Annual Report

We are proud to present our latest Annual Report. Read all about our 2017 Cohort and Results Analysis and celebrate with us as you read the stories of our 2017 Graduates.

Research Report

Employability Research Project 2016

We are pleased to publish a detailed study, funded by JP Morgan, and conducted by Dr. Andrew Hartnack into the experience of REAP graduates in finding employment and navigating life in the workplace. We know that the gap between higher education and the workplace remains a wide one for many, particularly those originating from rural areas where previous exposure to a formal work environments may be minimal.

Research Report

Tracking the 2005 REAP Cohort

Although REAP students consistently achieve annual promotion rates in excess of 80%, the real measure of our impact is the number of graduates we produce and the time they take to complete their studies. The objective of this tracking project was to document and understand what has happened to the students who were recruited onto the REAP programme in 2005, five years after commencing their studies...

Older Reports