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REAP's network of recruiters is made up of Regional Representatives ...
linked to SACBC, as well as representatives from other partner organisations and Higher Education Institutions (HEI's).

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Over 60 volunteers, regional representatives and committee members are based in the following diocese.

Listed by province:

Organisational Representatives

Our Organisational Representatives are drawn from our various partner organisations, including iSimangaliso Wetlands Park, the Kagiso Trust, Lafarge, Edumap, the National Association of Child Care Workers (NACCW), Cape Winelands Municipality, Mondi, Gadra and Penreach. We also work in collaboration with marketing departments from selected HEIs which have active recruitment campaigns into rural schools.

Both of the above groups of representatives assist in the recruitment and selection process of applicants. These volunteers distribute application forms, advise applicants on study choices and institutional entrance procedures, return application forms to REAP and undertake selection interviews.

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Durban Consultative Meeting

Polokwane Consultative Meeting

JHB Consultative Meeting

Cape Town Consultative Meeting

Dundee Consultative Meeting

Klerksdorp Consultative Meeting

Aliwal North Regional Representatives

Beaufort West Regional Representatives

Bloemfontein Regional Representatives

Kimberley Regional Representatives

Mthatha Regional Representatives

Northern Cape Regional Representatives

Port Elizabeth Regional Representatives

Worcester Regional Representatives

2016 REAP National Recruiters’ Meeting

2016 REAP National Recruiters’ Meeting was held at the New Kings Hotel in Sea Point in July this year. It was attended by about 24 Regional Representatives from across the country as well as REAP board members and staff.

Following a major external programme evaluation, including an intensive review of recruitment & selection, the REAP Board and Management agreed that we needed to target and streamline our recruitment and selection processes for greater effectiveness and efficiency. READ MORE During a two-day working meeting, REAP staff and regional representatives together explored how we could do recruitment in a simpler and more efficient way whilst still providing opportunities and assistance to truly marginalised and truly rural learners. The meeting was concluded with a wonderful celebration at Marco’s African Restaurant in the Bo Kaap. Please click here to view more photos of the event

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REAP National Recruiters’ Meeting

REAP National Recruiters’ Meeting was held at the La Mercy Beach Hotel in KZN in July this year. It was attended by 40 Regional Representatives from the nine provinces, 11 Partners, REAP’s Chair, Bishop Frank de Gouveia, as well as all REAP’s Student Development Advisors and Management team. The event was facilitated by Kathy Lewis of Perspic Learning Innovation.

The objective of the event was to show appreciation for and to motivate Regional Representatives and Recruitment & Selection (R&S) Partners, but also to equip them with up-to-date information and skills, review with them how well the R&S process worked in 2013 and to assess our practices and processes. READ MORE It was also an opportunity to explore what we could learn from our R&S collaborators about REAP’s rural context from the perspective of rural communities themselves, in order to ascertain how environmental factors might influence REAP’s strategy, business model and programme design and delivery. Finally, the purpose of the event was to create, as far as possible within the constraints of the programme, an environment in which participants’ independent thinking was evoked, heard and valued.

Addresses by special guests included Professor Bawa of Durban University of Technology, who set the tone for the conference and Cardinal Napier, who spoke about community serving humanity. On the afternoon of day two, Reps were treated to an outing at the Ushaka Marine World.

The event was a good mix of work shopping, discussing issues and harvesting ideas, constructing possible solutions and recognising the hard work and sterling efforts of reps and partners. The evaluation of the meeting by representatives and partners indicate that the event was largely successful and well received.

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Thank you to our wonderful
Regional Representatives!

REAP wishes to thank all our dedicated Regional Representatives, who selflessly give of their time to assist us with our Recruitment and Selection Process each year. Aubrey Chabedi has been one of REAP’s Regional Representatives since its inception. His activities include receiving application forms for the Diocese of Klerksdorp, distributing the forms to the other nine representatives spread throughout the Diocese, recruiting learners from the schools in his area of operation, collecting the application forms from the nine representatives and the learners in his area before the deadline, checking the forms for completeness before sending them to REAP, arranging panels, dates and venuesREAD MORE for the interviews of the shortlisted learners and returning application forms to REAP after the interviews for the final decision to be made.

Over and above these activities, he also attends the bi-annual National meetings as well as the quarterly Board meetings. We are very grateful to Aubrey and all our Regional Representatives for the work they do.

REAP Recruiters launch PEMP

Photo: One of REAP’s Volunteer Recruiters, Mrs Gladys Malunga, has gone beyond the call of duty to assist rural leaners in Pretoria….

PEMP (Peer Educational Mentorship Programme) is an initiative that was inspired by a group of students in the community of Maboloka and facilitated by REAP Volunteer Recruiter, Mrs Malunga.

Initially the focus of the programme was to mentor Grade 12 learners and provide them with the necessary advice on how to deal with stress and other related matters that could interfere with their studies, as well as assist them in successfully completing matric and advancing to university. In consultation with REAP READ MORE Volunteer Recruiters (Diocese – Pretoria), Mrs Malunga and Mrs Moroke, the group of students realised that Grade 12 learners not only need advice, but that they require practical assistance in improving their performance at school, so that they can qualify for university. As a result of Mrs Malunga’s research, insights and motivation, it transpired that regular tutoring and mentoring was a vital need for the Grade 12’s.

Consequently, the programme has managed to help take an average of ten learners to university annually since it was formed in 2011. PEMP is now aimed at being a more formal organisation that provides tutoring and mentoring programmes to help develop our youth from Grade 9 throughout High School. This we do because, in the words of Mahatma Ghandi, we want to be the change we want to see in our community.

Tutorials for Grade 11’s

June Holiday Tutorials for Grade 11’s at one of the high schools in Maboloka was another recent initiative that was facilitated by REAP Volunteer Recruiter, Mrs Malunga. Learners were tutored on eight major subjects and given daily class activities, home activities and a test at the end of the whole tutoring session. After the tests, they were given evaluation forms to evaluate the tutors and the tutorials. In general, a positive feedback and response was received from the evaluation forms.

New Appointment

Photo: Longstanding REAP employee Florence Petersen.

We are very excited to announce that our longstanding Receptionist, Florence Petersen, has been appointed as Recruitment and Selection Administrator. She has been employed at REAP for many years and comes with extensive experience gained from assisting with Recruitment and Selection.

Florence is already known and loved by many of our Recruiters, as she has been communicating with representatives and partners throughout the years and has been integral in REAP’s recruitment and selection activities. We welcome her to this department and we are confident that she will add tremendous value.

Meet Doreen Mokgoloboto

Doreen has been a volunteer REAP Recruiter since 2003. As a long-standing Regional Representative in the Tzaneen area, she has assisted many talented rural students to access tertiary education.

Doreen says: “We travel from area to area, visiting families with the REAP team and spend time listening to life experiences. Learners sometimes have heartbreaking stories”.

Doreen’s work is vital, in that she assists REAP to recruit those learners who have a desire to study, but no means to make their dreams a reality. She says: “The REAP staff are ever ready to help at all times and I’m learning a lot from them. I want to take this opportunity to thank REAP for opening my eyes to needy learners.”